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muse list

Ranked alphabetically, by canon.


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Star Ocean: The Last Hope | Lymle Lemuri Phi | No journal yet

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time | Albel Nox | No journal yet

Uncharted (series) | Nathan "Nate" Drake | No journal yet


Player Information ;
Your Nickname: Alex(ander the Crepe!)
OOC Journal: reignsdown
Under 18? Were I a timebender, perhaps! Otherwise: no.
Email/IM: reignsdown (gmail, AIM, plurk)
Characters Played at Singularity: Formerly? One. Presently? Less than one.

Character Information ;
Name: Loki Odinson, known also as:
                   God of Mischief & Misdeeds
                   The Great Deceiver
                   Prince of Lies
                   The Trickster Prince
                   Lord of Chaos
                   Gunnar Golmen, Norwegian scientist and brother to Thorlief Golmen

This guy has more titles and alter egos than Iron Man has money, Captain America has fans, and Quicksilver has daddy issues; they are all well-earned and equally well-used in the pursuit of mischief and chaos (generally in the name of Thor no less). Presently, he's been favouring Gunnar Golmen, the persona of a scientist behind the Norwegian Super Soldier Initiative and brother to the delusional Thorlief.

Name of Canon: Marvel: Ultimates
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: N/A
Reference: Loki Odinson, Earth-1610 (note that this wiki is missing details about the Ultimate Comics: Thor and New Ultimates: Thor Reborn storylines, which are both important to understanding Loki)
Canon Point: At the end of New Ultimates issue # 05; Valkyrie has sent him to Valhalla and he is seeking an exit under the guise of playing with Hela's son and heir.


Start with modern day Earth. Add meta humans, mutants, aliens, Norse gods, and some guy in a tin suit. Shake, serve with olives. Realise that this suits Tony Stark better than the God of Mischief and start over. But don't discard the drink - it becomes important in a bit.

There are, believe it or not, nine realms that are linked cosmically by something called the World Tree and a Pride-tastic pathway known as the Bifrost. To the world of Ultimates, those nine are conveniently narrowed to a mere seven accessible realms: Asgard, Alfheim, Jotunheim, Nidavellir, Svartalfheim, Vanaheim, Midgard

The focus within the Ultimates continuity falls on the people and places of Asgard (Asgardians; they are the Norse pantheon), Jotunheim (Jotuun; a race of Frost Giants not fond of the Asgardians), and Midgard (humans; who have no freaking clue about all this). These three realms are interconnected, with histories that intersect on occasion and, without fail, such intersections are a Very Big Deal.

We start with Asgard and Jotunheim, who have the kind of rivalry that stretches back eons and is rooted in the idea of a thousand year war that ended with a ceasefire and looks like one big political statement about certain Earth conflicts... - ah-hem. Back on track! If Asgard is the husband of the realms, then Jotunheim is the jealous wife seeking through violence a divorce settlement. They squabble, they fight, and in the eons before modern day, they engaged in such a war that those of Midgard may have but glimpsed portions of its far reaching consequences, if Norse mythology has anything to say about it.

What's the Norse pantheon got to do with it?

The answer is simple: Everything.

See, those crazy Vikings were not actually that crazy, because the ideas behind Odin and the mighty pantheon that they worshipped were inspired by the Asgardians themselves. The great father of all, Odin ruled Asgard as the very core of it, ancient and terrifyingly powerful - enough that no other As-God-ian (get it? Huh? Hu--ow!) could defy or defeat him. These many eons ago, even Loki stood as part of that pantheon, though a youngling at around a thousand years and a half-breed of Odin's blood and the Frost Giant's lineage. Basically, whatever warriors, creatures, or gods that feature in Norse mythology existed first in Asgard; they are beings of varying power and long lifespans, capable of the feats necessary to trigger mass worship of their heroic deeds.

Blows the mind, huh?

Here, take a moment to sweep it back together.

Okay. Brain intact? Onwards!

Eons ago is, however, not our time; what is important to note about this Way Back When machine is that Loki existed as the half-brother of Thor and Balder and all three were held as sons of Odin (though all knew about Loki's half breed nature and most, save Thor, tormented him about it). When the constant threat of battle eased at the forced peace treaty, Loki questioned what would happen now that the conflict which kept them constant and allies had faded.

Long story short, everyone laughed at Loki and celebrated peace, while he started acting to his true nature (mischief, lies, and a word from our sponsors) and set into play with wonderment the very events that would lead Asgard into Ragnarok. This and the fact that he killed Balder in the process got him banished, eventually sealed in the Room Without Doors, and brings us up to setting the modern stage.

Fast forward to-- well, no one really knows how long. Time passes differently between the realms, but suffice to say that we humans of Midgard call it present day. Society and civil rights are at odds with one another because there are these things called mutants running around with what the average Joe considers to be superpowers. Add to that meta humans like Captain America (think: boy scout + steroids x 1,000 and a serving of the trademarked assholeism of Ultimates to make him fit in) running around and some guy in a metal suit? Things, and people, are at odds.

Not to mention, but Asgard's been destroyed in the fateful Ragnarok, orchestrated by Loki and executed just prior to his being banished to the Room Without Doors for eternity (actually, only since 1939, but darn those realms and the passage of time). The seeming gods of Norse mythos have, for the most part, expired and some are reborn/relocated to Earth with powers that slumber for the most part. Thor and Balder are two of these and exist in states and reasons that vary depending on the issue; where Thor claims to have been sent to make recompense for his behaviour, Balder states he was reborn on Midgard entirely.

Luckily, Loki's state in the present is more clearly defined. Freed from the Room Without Doors, he emerged as a god and hides his powers for fear of Odin's survival and reprisal. Seeing as the world never has enough villains, he even stepped up to the plate in the name of screwing with his brother and, well. Seeing as the world is of the opinion that Thor is delusional and not actually a god, as per Loki's influence, he did a good job.

There are days where he forgets about the hiding-from-daddy thing and uses his powers, but for the most part, he spends his time forging connections and fudging around with them until he gets the perfect result of belief in what he says and disregard for anything Thor might say against him. Ahhhh, sibling rivalry.

Short of typing another thousand words, the setting can be summarised as this:
  1. Asgardians are imitation gods
  2. Asgardians occasionally troll humanity
  3. Loki is an Asgardian in part
  4. Loki trolls humanity in the name of fucking with Thor
  5. this all happens in the present day


God of Mischief & Misdeeds.

Prince of Lies.

The Great Deceiver.

Let it never be said that Loki gained these titles without earning them, for the exact opposite is true. Lies are the language in which he speaks and there is none more fluent in it, no matter the form they may take. Words are easiest, but only the primitive are limited to such means when there is a much broader palette through which to draw the brush. He dons and sheds personae at the drop of a hat, augmenting his natural deceptive talents with bits of sorcery to appear no more than a mild-mannered scientist or, well, he can't forewarn you about all his tricks, can he?

That's the funny thing, because he can and he does. Loki has such surety and precision in his tricks that he has graduated beyond the pretences of innocence. To Thor he warned that things would change from what they were, and again that Loki meddled, though he said it through a suggestion of Volstagg shuffled through the deck of space and time that he shuffles. Where his victim knows of his nature and his ploys, he lays the hints and lets you have all the confidence and surety to see through his lies and, in your defiance, fail to heed the very warnings that he gave. Yes. When you reach that point, he smiles and leaves you to realise that you have been trolled by the greatest trickster in the nine realms.

Seamless, isn't it? How he inserts himself through the falsehoods, layering truth upon lie upon truth until the world is no more than an onion that stings the eyes as each surface is pulled away to reveal the next deception, and the next... oh, sorry. Did you confuse the truth for a lie? How very convenient for him.

Only one thing: Convenience is the greatest lie of them all, for as he crafts the deception, he orchestrates its play until all the threads are laid and he need only pull one string to have the rest draw tight, turning their pressure to the next in turn until it appears that he only stifled a yawn, and yet the world stands on the brink of destruction. This is because he weaves his lies through the power of belief, that one thing which can cloud a mind so completely that even the most rash logic seems founded in a thousand schools of temperance. He's like a magician that way, where his tricks are only as good as his audience - an audience which he ensures are entranced.

Mind, they're not the only ones. Loki suffers from a certain fascination with his lies and the chaos that they create. It's akin to an addiction and it leads him down paths that we would call Really Bad Life Choices. See exhibit A: Loki triggered Ragnarok by storming Asgard with the Nazis. See exhibit B: Loki killed Balder and was banished to the Room Without Doors by his Daddy. See exhibit C: Loki killed the love of Thor's human life in order to restore him to true godly rage. See exhibit D: Loki has twice triggered the Norse-pocalypse for what amounts to shits and giggles for him.

You read that right: Shits. And. Giggles.

Loki is the god of mischief and misdeeds, not solemnity and sobriety; at times, the justification for his actions comes across as chaotic, poorly chosen, or plain juvenile. See exhibit E: When asked why he sided with the Liberators against the Ultimates, he quipped that the Ultimates had a Norse god on their side and it only seemed fair that the Liberators have the same.

While everyone else will take the moral high ground, all this proves is that Loki has no problem taking the muddier route and, in fact, may choose it out of preference. Meanwhile, he is well aware of the repercussions that his actions will cause, for above all, he's quite controlled. There are few instances in Ultimates canon when a revealed!Loki is anything more than confident, controlled, and amused by everything around him. Should the situation turn truly dire, he may backtrack on his words, but rare have been his showings of remorse and, well, the only true fear he showed was when Odin forcefully banished him to the Room Without Doors. This extends to a fear of Odin in general, for he suppresses the use of his powers more oft than not simply to avoid detection by his father.

Stripping away his asinine and unpredictable behaviour to examine his little green thought boxes, Loki seeks mental stimulation and entertainment of any scale worthy of a god. Shunned for being half-blooded and ill-equipped for the war games of Asgard, he took the route of scholarly sorcerer. The tricks he learned are almost too easy to use against humans (by the by, his opinion on humans and their simplicity means that they are some of the few he'll directly lie to), therefore his focus turns most frequently to Thor, his brother, and the best audience for the magic tricks that are his lies. Beyond that, he feels the long-standing rivalry between he and Thor, but strays from the path of fratricide. In the words of Loki himself: "I just want to @#$% with him"

(And, in his opinion, he truly outdid himself by posing as scientist Gunnar Golmen and convincing the entire Ultimates team that Thor was actually Thorlief, his psychotic brother obsessed with the delusion that he was the god of Thunder. This persona is his favourite of late and can be expected to manifest here and there on Sacrosanct; he's a scientist of good intentions and great remorse regarding his brother. But, alas, that heart of gold is really quite gold-plated.)

Loki, in a nutshell:
  1. He is a lying liar that lies
  2. Everybody knows this, yet still he successfully trolls them
  3. Loki is narcissistically lie-sexual
  4. Like any great liar, he makes it look easy
  5. Morals are for girl guides and puppies
  6. Fear and sadness: he is capable of it, but trolloloki
  7. Odin = NONONONONO
  8. There's nothing better than a good brother trolling

Abilities, Weaknesses, and Power Limitation Suggestions:

Note: These powers are not as all-encompassing as the wiki-reference; I've narrowed the scope of his powers and compared that data to the two storylines subsequent to it to conclude that Loki's powers are best summarised as below:

Loosely translated into RPG terms, Loki comes as a cross-class of rogue and mage, which is the form that sorcery takes in the Ultimates canon. There are five main facets to it shown in canon that, as an extension, I intend to play him as capable of.

Perception alteration is the core of sorcery, wherein he is shown as capable of altering what others see - either in him, in others, or in the world itself. This comes in handy when pulling off schemes with a wide audience, as it saves him the stage make-up, lighting, and cues necessary to fool the sceptics. Rather than entrancing the masses, I suggest limiting his influence to one person and only in-person; therein the convincing effect remains, with player permission obtained prior to exerting it.

Where perception fails, Loki can always fall back on the hired hands to get the job done and, let's face it, when you want something done right? Do it yourself. He does this by creating duplicates of himself, each of which are shown to possess the same powers as he, though their constitution is rather less - meaning they go down in a fight faster than the genuine material. Canon is indistinct to the number of forms he can make and I propose limiting it to five, with the application of powers such as perception done with player permission.

Hold a moment - did you just say that five Lokis are insufficient for your needs? Then try a different sized Loki on for size! That's right, he can be travel-sized for your convenience - unless you need something a shade larger. Be it the size of a match or the rival of a skyscraper, he's got resizing down to an art, excepting that it'll be limited to the confines of the station and fully dependant on where he is. That hallway eight feet tall? Then he'd cap out at seven-eleven, and not just for a lime Slurpee.

Loki also is the Poke-master of Norse mythological monsters and has twice shown the penchant to merrily unleash them upon the unsuspecting world during one of his trolltastic sessions of being the trickster god. While I'd like to retain this ability, the stipulation I put forward is that he could only ever use it during a mod-approved event, such as if he embarked on a troll-Sacrosanct crusade and felt that a few monsters could liven it up. This would be strictly plot/event related and have no bearing on his normal, day-to-day permissions; consider it the difference between needing a passport to cross the border with perception to needing a paper signed and sealed by the prime minister to UNLEASH THE KRAKEN-- wrong mythos.

Fifth and final founding detail of sorcery is that Loki sure has been described as a foe that can shuffle reality like a deck of cards, including messing with time and space. This is how Thor and Volstagg refer to his abilities in a situation where Loki himself is pulling the strings to shuffle at least Thor's perception to believe that a man of his past is truly in his presence.


The thing is, the shuffling time and space thing was never confirmed in the canon as being anything more than his perception influence, therefore I plan to limit it to just that.

Loki may be the god of mischief and misdeeds, but the term god is more like a guideline rather than an actual rule of immortality. Long-lived and hard to kill? Check! Impossible to kill? Put a big "X" to mark the spot. Humans have their share of difficulty managing the job, since Hawkeye putting an arrow through Amora's chest only knocked the wind out of her, but Loki has been shown killing two different Asgardians with an arrow through the eye. Headshots, it seems, are the flavour of the day - though he himself was killed by a spear through the neck as delivered by the Valkyrie. I'm going to go with anything lethal and above the neck's instant death; anything below that he's hardier. Not a steel tank, per se, but not a glass one either - a Plexiglas tank, if you will. This Plexiglas tank can, as with any Asgardian, walk on air and has a lesser degree of godlike strength than his brother, but he can still take a bit of an inhuman pounding before he goes down.

Inventory: Loki comes equipped with +100 trolling and -100 conscience. Oh, and the clothes on his back. Emerging from Valhalla's left him void of weaponry, just how he likes it. Deception is the sharper sword and all that.

By Frost Giant standards, Loki is the dwarfiest dwarf that ever did dwarf and, as a matter of fact, stands at the mere marker of six foot even. Described by Barbara Norriss (Valkyrie) as handsome and well-dressed, Loki appears along the lines of that good-looking, dark-haired boy-next-door. Eons ago, he wore his hair long, but in the present day favours a shorter, slightly unkempt style easily mistaken for the kind of careless disregard that a scientist, like the mild-mannered Gunnar might have.

You can get up close and personal with his face here.

Were you expecting green armour and a horned helmet? He'll be sorry to disappoint, truly.

Age: The Ultimate Thor storyline states that Loki and Thor have been engaged in the thousand years of war between Asgard and Jotunheim and this supposedly occurred eons ago. But, trollolol, time passes differently in the various realms, and the perception of it differs as well. Between that statement and the hundred plus of years he's supposed to have been locked in the Room Without Doors, I'd play him around the 1,200~1,300 year mark. This puts the establishment of Norse mythology in Midgard as within his lifespan, meaning he'd have been around to inspire them.

(Minus the Sleipnir thing, or IS IT?)

OC/AU Justification ;
If AU, How is Your Version Different From Canon, and How Will That Come Across? N/A
If OC, Did You Run Your Character Through a Mary-Sue Litmus Test? N/A
And What Did You Score? N/A

Samples ;
Log Sample:

There is a purpose to each man that dictates what follies they spend their lives chasing. Such a purpose can be altered, with the right incentive, but he likens them to the pieces of the checkerboard. Appropriately named 'men' as they are put into play, each attempts to be individual, but they are faceless and meant to be kinged.

But by another.

Loki has better things to do than enslave all of Midgard - leave that to the Chitauri, the mutants, or the humans themselves - for though he inherited his dear father's thirst for power and conquest, his aspirations fall somewhere other than Supreme Emperor of Humankind. It has a certain ring to it, true, but why go to all that trouble when there are other pursuits more satisfying on the whole?

Thor being his preference, but as this place called Sacrosanct has not offered his brother upon its silver platter, there could be others worth his time and attention.

For just as there is a purpose to each man, there is a purpose to every god that is somewhat greater than mortal karma. His is to deceive, lie, and slander until chaos cannot be restrained from flooding the tides of society.

And, perhaps, to seek something of answers in his place that has ended his eternity in death's grip and, without doubt, infuriated the mistress of it all the same.

"Shall we see how Hela rages?" he asks the station itself, expecting no answer and graced by silence. "You've foiled her plans by this one-sided exchange." To which he would tip his hat, had he one; whatever forces were behind this aberration taunted Valhalla's mistress quite cruelly. To have him free of her realm was nothing less than an exceptional trick unparalleled, except by his hand.

How appropriate, for the Trickster Prince.

Network Sample:

[Sacrosanct, you may be increasingly full of superheroes from every walk of life, death, and radioactive bite, but you appear to be low on the mild-mannered scientist quota. That's exactly why the vision that appears is just such a scientist: Dark hair that could use a cut and an expression caught between interest and barely restrained scientific curiosity.]

Greetings, citizens of Sacrosanct.

Forgive me if I seem distracted, but this place is quite the marvel of technology. It's far beyond even what we used in the Norwegian Super Soldier project. Crafting a means of meteorological control seemed so great at the time, but it pales in contrast to fully contained ecosystems.

[That is a degree of professional excitement in his voice, oh but he tries to subdue it as a more sombre note occurs to him.]

I'm afraid, however, that this place may be at risk if my brother has been seen. His name is Thorlief, but he's taken to calling hims-- No. The details do not matter. I just ask that if you see a man who goes by that name or that of "Thor", it is vital for his sake that you let me know.

[You may have heard concern before, but this is almost heart-wrenching in the way it permeates his tone and expression before the feed gravely truncates.

And, wouldn't you know it, but you just got Loki at his finest: Lying through his teeth, your teeth, and the teeth of your ancestors. Is he really a scientist worried about the fate of his ill-minded brother? No, but he is the god of mischief and misdeeds testing the water to see if there's someone else that he can troll in the absence of his Thor.]



They are everywhere - this is why a whole website exists to catalogue them, amirite?

But, there are so many. SO MANY!

And still it all winds down into certain types, these 'tropes', that we keep coming back for.

My question, then, is this: What are your favourite tropes?

Do you like the The Cynic? The Anti-Hero?

How about plots? The Body Snatcher a favourite?

Basically, I'm curious and want to discuss the kinds of things that you like to read and why? Character types, relationships, storylines?

Curious Alex is curious! And loves you all! ♥
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New Tupelo Honey this morning!

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IN SHORT! Anyone here pinged by rock? Go download their new single! And consider picking up their LPs. Ping me or YouTube them for a sample of the music with Matt Landry.

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fairyblue put up an informative entry discussing both the basics and some more advanced features of LJ. I encourage y'all to check it out, because there may well be some info in there that you were not aware of.

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You had best appreciate how bad this movie was by the length of my tirade. My 30-words-a-minute-DVORAK-newbie tirade!

BUT, HEY! Last night was not a total waste. Roy and I enjoyed a 02:00 stroll/adventure in the cemetery, complete with reading gravemarkers by moonlight. If that is not awesome, then nothing is.

Though finding a grave from 1966 with dead ground/zero growth? Pretty eerie. There was a lot of discontent at that one grave, to the point it felt poisoned.



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